Customer Satisfaction


DFT owns and operates wholesale data center solutions to meet the complex space, power, security and compliance needs of companies across various industries, including:  

  • Technology services
  • Banking and financial services
  • Insurance and healthcare
  • Cloud, content/media, social media
  • Enterprise
  • Retail

Instant scalability is a major advantage for our technology, cloud and enterprise customers. Amid explosive growth, they rarely have time to build their own data centers as fast as they need them. Nor do they want to divert personnel away from their core business. So they turn to the trusted data center experts at DFT to ensure they don’t miss a single opportunity.

Social media leaders and mobile application innovators operating in real time depend on the reliability and redundancy in the equipment and infrastructure design of our data centers.

For our healthcare, insurance and retail customers, we come through as a partner who understands their environment and compliance protocols. 

Wholesale Data Center Savings 

While their objectives may differ, nearly all of our customers are drawn to DFT’s wholesale data centers for the tremendous cost advantages. With us, they have the potential for 36 percent annual savings when compared to building their own data center, as well as flexibility for savings by only paying for electricity consumed and lower operating expenses due to economies of scale within a shared data facility.

Proof Positive

Once customers choose DFT, they tend to stay—and take on more server capacity. Approximately 77 percent of our leased space represents expansions from existing customers who have been with DFT for more than one year.

Whenever and wherever customers need us, we’re there, ready to take action. But don’t take our word for it. Read some of our customer testimonials: