Rich in culture, diversity and history, Toronto consistently ranks among the world’s most livable cities. With forward-looking policies that encourage business innovation, Toronto attracts skilled workers and boasts one of North America’s most diverse economies—with plenty of potential for growth. Proximity to an international airport and convenient public transit offer an added bonus.

Numerous enterprises call Toronto home, and for good reason:

  • Toronto is the top economic performer among Canadian cities – generating 20% of national GDP – and remains an important global economic hub.
  • KPMG ranks Toronto as the world’s most tax-competitive major city and as #2 among North America cities for the lowest overall business costs.
  • The city features a thriving technology sector thanks to a government that nurtures and supports business with robust public and private services.
  • It’s ideally situated on four major fiber routes, providing unsurpassed enterprise network connectivity and data centre reliability.

From gaming to government, e-commerce to finance, tech to telecomm, Toronto’s pro-business environment makes the city an ideal destination and a perfect location for DFT's first Canadian data centre.

DFT’s Toronto data centre is located just outside the city in Vaughan — ranked among the top places in Ontario to do business by Canadian Business and PROFIT Magazine — within the iconic Toronto Star printing plant. The data centre will honour the paper’s legacy while ushering in a new era of innovation.

The Toronto data centre’s over 66,000 square metres (711,000 square feet) will include up to 46 megawatts of critical power. The facility is designed for flexibility, supporting a range of power densities (1 to 3 MW) and resiliencies (N to 2N). The current shell is expandable in additional increments of 13,935 square metres (150,000 square feet) to best serve current needs and future data centre growth.