Your DFT Experience

Powered by Trust, Driven by Your Mission

At DFT, we don’t just house servers. We support the critical missions of our clients—leaders in their respective industries. Your mission is our mission.

We understand the value of what passes through our buildings every day. It’s more than an endless stream of 1s and 0s. It’s the lifeblood of your business.

Your business may be improving the health and wellness of millions, or adding invaluable new depth to business-customer interactions. You could be rekindling cherished relationships across time and continents—and sparking new ones that will last forever.

In all that you do, you have a partner in DFT.

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Built for Performance

Choosing DFT means you benefit from a world-class data center that combines the latest technological advancements—such as rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), an IP bus system and evaporative chilled water systems—with thought leadership and industry best practices.

Our facilities are designed to be concurrently maintainable and have provided over 11.1 million megawatt hours of continuous operational uptime, with a goal of maximizing Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in all aspects of operations.

Maximum Flexibility

Whether you need several cabinets in a cage or entire buildings, we design floor space, power and cooling solutions to suit your business objectives. DFT supports power requirements ranging from three to 15+ kilowatts per cabinet.

Through our in-house subsidiary, DF Technical Services, we offer computer room design and infrastructure installation for branch circuit distribution, as well as data cable tray systems for further customization.

Special Ops

Our multidisciplinary operations team ranks among the best in the industry today. The primary objective of our staff is to sustain excellence through:

  • Extensively monitoring and remediating issues to protect customers’ critical power load and cooling resources
  • Maintaining comprehensive and precise documentation
  • Eliminating human error through education, training and adherence to proven processes
  • Providing superior customer service

Maintaining Perfection 

Our proactive approach to maintenance keeps our data centers—and your critical assets—running at full speed. Factory-trained staff service our UPS systems twice a year, and we subject each UPS system to a mains failure test while connected to a load bank at full load annually. We also service our engine generators annually, test them monthly and run them at near full load while connected to a load bank on a quarterly basis.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

You have the option of two lease types when working with DFT: triple net (NNN) or full service (modified gross):

Triple Net (NNN)

  • First, base rent is charged on a cost per kilowatt reserved basis. Rent is escalated at a fixed percentage annually.
  • Second, power is metered at the PDU level and cost is directly passed through to our customers, leveraging our wholesale power rates with no mark-up.
  • Third, customers pay for their pro rata share of the building’s operating expenses, which are also passed through directly without mark-up. By leveraging our data center size, our customers realize economies of scale and operational expertise across all platforms.

Full Service (modified gross)

A full service or modified gross lease offers customers a fixed financial obligation from year-to-year. All costs are fixed upon lease execution with a few exceptions: property taxes, insurance and electrical usage (power is metered at the PUD level and cost is a direct pass-through to our customers). Customers selecting this option pay a rent rate which includes a bundle of items such as base rent and operating costs. The rent is then escalated at a fixed percentage annually.

Compare the two data center lease types to discover the best option for your business.