Connect Your Way

Multiple network providers are available at each DFT data center to keep you connected to your customers and business partners while supporting your applications and critical IT infrastructure.

A carrier-neutral, network-agnostic data center provider, DFT offers you network connectivity through multiple network carriers, including dark fiber providers and lit carriers. We have relationships with 38 network carriers, two globally leading Internet Exchanges (IXPs) and multiple cloud service providers. If your network carrier of choice is not already onsite, we can invite them to establish their presence in a DFT data center on your behalf.

Each DFT data center features an underground conduit system, owned and operated by DFT. The fiber-optic cables enter the data center via multiple underground Points of Entry (POEs) for added security and diversity—leading to a centralized Meet-Me-Room (MMR) and customer computer rooms.

DFT offers a range of options to meet your connectivity requirements, whether you wish to connect to a network carrier of your choice, peer your traffic on an Internet Exchange or take advantage of dark fiber in one of our campus environments.

Whether you’re looking to directly connect with a network carrier of your choice or connect to an IXP within a data center or across a campus, DFT’s dark fiber connectivity offers you the flexibility and scalability you need. Dark fiber delivers on the promise of high-performance, scalability, network reliability, redundancy and low latency.

No matter what your network strategy and requirements may be, DFT can you achieve your goals. Our data centers are designed to facilitate easy installation and feature redundant options for you and your carrier via our various network service offerings. This ensures your business is always connected.

Learn more about connectivity solutions at DFT:

Secure Interconnection Happens Here

You can leverage DFT’s Meet-Me-Room space, cabinets and power at any data center nationwide. These secure telecommunication rooms enable customers and carriers to interconnect to one or more network carriers, customers and IXPs.

Most DFT MMRs provide redundant power for networking equipment and at least one dedicated underground pathway to each computer room and Point of Entry. DFT also offers multiple cabinet options to both customers and network carriers to establish their presence in a data center.

Pathways to the Data Centers and Beyond

Customers and carriers alike can take advantage of DFT’s conduit and innerduct licensing.

DFT data centers offer diverse cable pathways from outside the building all the way to customer computer rooms.

Within a data center, each computer room comes with multiple underground conduits connecting to Points of Entry and the Meet-Me-Room. The POE conduits enable dark fiber connectivity. The MMR conduit is used to connect to network carriers that have established a presence in the building for providing lit services. Three diverse connectivity routes into each computer room minimize risk, ensuring network connections are always available.

Outside each data center are at least two underground conduit entrances to the facility. In a campus environment, DFT data centers are interconnected via at least two underground conduit entrances.

Customers and network carriers can license the use of conduit and innerduct to bring in outside fiber for improved cost and control over their network.

Services with Bright Outcomes

DFT’s Dark Fiber Network Solutions give customers, network carriers and IXPs at DFT more connection options than ever before. The scalability and flexibility of dark fiber can be leveraged to utilize the fiber and scale the connectivity as your business needs grow.

Connections made within the DFT telecommunications rooms—Meet-Me-Room or a Point-of-Entry become easy, diverse and cost-effective with dark fiber connectivity. You get direct access to multiple networks for a fixed annual cost while avoiding long lead times and provisioning difficulties. Licensing of dark fiber enables quick turn-up of network services offering diversity, scalability, flexibility, reliability and low-latency.

Dark fiber service is available at DFT data centers in two options:

      1)    Intra-Data Center Dark Fiber Connectivity: Enables customers to connect between various telecommunications rooms within many of our data centers in Ashburn, Virginia, and Chicago to connect to the IXP, cloud providers or network carrier or of their choice.

      2)    Inter-Data Center Dark Fiber Connectivity: Enables diverse connections to customers, network carriers, IXPs and cloud providers in between multi-tenant data centers at our Ashburn, Virginia, campus and between the data centers at our Chicago campus.

Ashburn Campus Connectivity


Ashburn Campus Network Connectivity

Chicago Campus Connectivity

Chicago Campus Connectivity




Both the Intra-Data Center Dark Fiber Connectivity and Inter-Data Center Dark Fiber Connectivity services are backed by a five-day installation guarantee and a 100 percent availability guarantee. 



With DFT’s inter-data center dark fiber network, we have access to a diverse group of carriers across the company’s 134-acre Ashburn, Virginia, campus. The flexibility that dark fiber provides allows us to get the most out of our network to meet demand and promote growth. We can seamlessly connect from our computer room to any data center on DFT’s Ashburn campus.


Mike Bangoli
Senior Data Center Engineer, Workday

Internet Exchanges & Data Centers: Making the World a Little Smaller

An IXP enables the exchange of Internet traffic between Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telecommunication carriers, content providers, eyeball networks and other network providers in a transparent, cost-effective manner.

DFT offers customers the ability to cross-connect with other members on IXPs in many of our data centers. Benefits of leveraging IXPs include:

  • Local peering
  • Reduced costs for customers to exchange ISP traffic
  • Reduced latency
  • Improved network performance

Who should connect to an IXP?

  • Content providers
  • Access providers
  • Academic institutions 
  • Financial institutions 
  • Hosting providers 
  • Mobile providers 
  • Telecom operators
  • Eyeball networks
  • Social networking companies
  • Government agencies 
  • Broadcasters
  • Publishers

To facilitate network colocation connectivity to an IXP, customers can purchase a half-cabinet with 2 kilowatts of power to establish a presence in a DFT data center.

Learn more about IXP:

Please watch this five-minute video produced by Euro-IX.   Euro IX IXP Provider

Open-IX Association

The Open-IX Association was formed in September 2013 to promote better standards for peering and interconnection in North America. DFT is a proud early supporter of Open-IX.


Open IX Association

DFT has received Open-IX 2 (OIX-2) Certification of the following data centers:

OIXA Certified
ACC5 Ashburn, Virginia March 3, 2014
CH2 Elk Grove Village, Illinois November 23, 2015

Internet Exchanges at DFT

London Internet Exchange (LINX) core-switch based distributed IXP is located in ACC5 at 44521 Hastings Drive, Ashburn, Virginia, 20147. Port speeds range from 100 megabits per second to 100 gigabits per second.

Linx Nova
Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) Chicago edge-switch based distributed IXP is located in CH2 at 2299 Busse Road, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, 60007. Port speeds range from 100 megabits per second to 100 gigabits.
AMSix Chicago

Cloud Connectivity at DFT

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Connectivity is accessible through tw telecom Direct eLynk Express Service offered at DFT’s Ashburn, Virginia (ACC4, ACC5, ACC6 data centers), Reston, Virginia (VA3 data center) and Chicago (CH1 data center).

Amazon Web Services


Our partnership with DFT in Chicago enables AMS-IX to provide a wider array of connectivity options to our customers in this region. Having a point-of-presence in their facility in Elk Grove Village also gives us the opportunity to offer DFT’s customers greater connectivity and peering options. By connecting to AMS-IX Chicago they are able to reach parties that are present in other data centers in the Chicago region.


Job Witteman




With network operators now interconnecting globally more than ever before, LINX is proud to team with DFT to continue being at the forefront of Internet advancement. Our partnership with DFT in Ashburn, one of the most fiber-rich regions in the world, offers reduced latency, greater resiliency and faster connectivity to content providers, access providers and end-user networks.


John Souter

DFT offers connectivtiy to 40 carriers and fiber providers, including Tier 1, long-haul, metro, regional, dark fiber and eyeball networks.


Allied Telecom
First Telecom
Global Crossing
Intellifiber Networks
Layer 42
Level 3 Communications
Lightower Fiber Networks
Lumos Networks
Net Data Centers
NTT Exchange
Orange Business Services
Packet Exchange
Silicon Valley Power
Summit IG
T Systems
TeleQuality Communications
Time Warner Telecom
Verizon Business
Windstream Communications
XO Communications
Zayo Group


We are pleased to partner with DFT to offer dark fiber, bandwidth and IP, and cloud connectivity services throughout DFT’s premium data centers nationwide. We work closely with DFT to ensure that customers can attain low-latency, high-performance connections to over 17,400 enterprise locations and on-net buildings, on-ramps to key cloud and SaaS providers, and simple access to our Tier 1 IP backbone. 


Greg Friedman
Senior Vice President, Ethernet Services, Zayo


For additional information on connectivity or to establish a carrier presence at DFT data centers, please complete this form.