Conduit/Innerduct Licensing

Pathways to the Data Centers and Beyond

Customers and carriers alike can take advantage of DFT’s conduit and innerduct licensing to install their own dedicated fiber cables. 

DFT data centers offer diverse cable pathways from outside the building all the way to customer computer rooms.

Within a data center, each computer room comes with multiple underground conduits connecting to Points of Entry and the Meet-Me-Room. The POE conduits enable dark fiber connectivity. The MMR conduit is used to connect to network carriers that have established a presence in the building for providing lit services. Three diverse connectivity routes into each computer room minimize risk, ensuring network connections are always available.

Outside each data center are at least two underground conduit entrances to the facility. In a campus environment, DFT data centers are interconnected via at least two underground conduit entrances.

Customers and network carriers can license the use of conduit and innerduct to bring in outside fiber for improved cost and control over their network.

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