Dark Fiber Network

Services with Bright Outcomes

DFT’s Dark Fiber Network Solutions give customers, network carriers and IXPs at DFT more connection options than ever before. The scalability and flexibility of dark fiber can be leveraged to utilize the fiber and scale the connectivity as your business needs grow.

Connections made within the DFT telecommunications rooms—Meet-Me-Room or a Point-of-Entry become easy, diverse and cost-effective with dark fiber connectivity. You get direct access to multiple networks for a fixed annual cost while avoiding long lead times and provisioning difficulties. Licensing of dark fiber enables quick turn-up of network services offering diversity, scalability, flexibility, reliability and low-latency.

Dark fiber service is available at DFT data centers in two options:

      1)    Intra-Data Center Dark Fiber Connectivity: Enables customers to connect between various telecommunications rooms within many of our data centers in Ashburn, Virginia, and Chicago to connect to the IXP, cloud providers or network carrier or of their choice.

      2)    Inter-Data Center Dark Fiber Connectivity: Enables diverse connections to customers, network carriers, IXPs and cloud providers in between multi-tenant data centers at our Ashburn, Virginia, campus and between the data centers at our Chicago campus.




Both the Intra-Data Center Dark Fiber Connectivity and Inter-Data Center Dark Fiber Connectivity services are backed by a five-day installation guarantee and a 100 percent availability guarantee. 

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