The Right Climate for Performance

DFT designs highly reliable, energy-efficient cooling solutions to maintain optimal operating temperatures for your servers and IT infrastructure.

Environmental conditions within all DFT computer rooms stay within ranges recommended by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). N+2 redundancy for all critical mechanical equipment ensures maximum reliability.

DFT also uses wireless temperature sensors throughout computer rooms to monitor environmental conditions 24x7x365. You can monitor conditions as well via a web-based dashboard.

Plus, DFT’s extensive building management system monitors and controls the mechanical plant—immediately alerting technicians should conditions venture beyond tolerance levels. Our in-house staff and factory-trained representatives perform regular maintenance and testing on cooling systems to keep them running at peak levels.  

Innovation Meets Conservation

DFT cooling efficiency efforts lead the industry. It all starts with evaporative systems, which utilize multiple water sources, including reclaimed water, and/or emergency water storage. Our extensive use of variable speed technologies reduces electrical consumption.

In addition, our latest data center designs use water-side economization—resulting in favorable PUE values.

Your bottom line also benefits from paying only for the cooling used, represented in direct electric charges for items such as Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH) fan energy and a pro rata share of energy consumed in the central plant.