Generating Confidence

DFT designs, builds, operates and manages data centers for the ultimate in reliable, concurrently maintainable and efficient power delivery. The numbers speak for themselves: Our 11.1 million megawatt hours of uptime are unmatched in our industry.

With critical load capacity exceeding 280 megawatts across all buildings in operation, DFT offers a variety of computer room sizes with corresponding power requirements to meet your needs.

Each computer room includes redundant and concurrently maintainable electrical and cooling infrastructure, as well as utility-grade meters to monitor power consumption. This ensures that you pay only for the energy consumed with no markup.

How does DFT keep your servers and IT infrastructure powered without interruption? By leveraging proven technologies and best design practices.

For example, DFT recently adopted the use of efficient, oil-filled Power Distributions Units (PDUs). These units, deployed at 2N redundancy, are located in a closet adjacent to the computer room, offering additional space for infrastructure, equipment and more layout options.

Customers can expect a 100 percent Service Level Agreement (SLA) on power. DFT is committed to staying within the CBEMA Curve’s acceptable power area to keep sensitive equipment operating at all times.

Advanced Delivery

DFT has dedicated substations onsite at many of our data centers, while others have substations located in close proximity. These substations deliver critical power to each computer room. From the Critical Distribution Panels (CDP), you can design and install an electrical distribution system that meets your requirements, allowing for redundant power paths to each IT cabinet in the computer room.

Our latest data center design uses an Isolated-Parallel (IP) UPS topology. This system provides enhanced levels of redundancy without using static transfer switches. Key benefits of the IP-System include high availability and resiliency, as well as ease of operation and maintenance.

We maintain and test all critical electrical equipment (e.g., UPS system, engine generators) according to manufacturer recommendations.

Added Peace of Mind

Our UPS system is just one of many ways we keep your infrastructure and your business moving perpetually forward.

All electrical and power generation systems in our data centers are built to N+2 redundancy. DFT has a national contract that provides primary, secondary and tertiary fuel delivery sources to all of our data centers for our engine generators, and we keep enough fuel onsite for multiple days of continuous operations.

In addition, you can monitor the environmental conditions of your computer room in real time via a web-based dashboard.

Industry-Leading Efficiency

DFT incorporates numerous efficiency initiatives for the benefit of our customers, from high-intensity LED lighting to motion sensors in the computer rooms that control lighting to conserve energy.

Our newest facilities feature an industry-leading design Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15 at full capacity. Every 0.1 PUE reduction equates to thousands of dollars per megawatt in annual savings for our customers. In Virginia, for example, monthly savings are typically $50,000 per megawatt for every 0.1 of PUE reduction.