Maximum Protection

Security on Site

Each data center entrance is monitored 24x7x365 by officers in our Security Operations Center (SOC), which is enclosed in ballistic-grade glass and has direct visibility into the main lobby area, as well as the loading dock area. Some DFT facilities offer added protection with exterior fences, gated access, as well as natural and man-made obstructions placed around the facility to prevent vehicular penetration.  

The DFT SOC is staffed around the clock by Security Officers who are responsible for asset protection through management of access control, recurring foot patrols and video surveillance.

All visitors to DFT data centers must present a current government-issued ID prior to entering. The main areas within our data centers have numerous security challenge points, including access card and biometric authentication at a portal entrance to our data center area. DFT proactively monitors its premises, as well as your individual space within our facility, using CCTV camera surveillance. Video footage is retained for a minimum of 95 days.

As a DFT customer, you also have options for additional security measures, including:

  • Gallery fencing installed in your computer room to separate DFT-maintained areas from your critical asset area
  • Biometric authentication to access your computer room
  • Designated areas within your space(s) that restrict access to equipment
  • Limited access to pre-authorized personnel only

Committed to Compliance

Physical security is just the beginning. Many DFT data centers are ISO 27001 certified and all are SSAE 16 compliant, and we assist our clients with compliance and security-related audits, such as HIPAA, PCI, FedRAMP and others.

Moving ahead, you can count on us to work toward and earn the certifications that will matter to your industry.