Declare Your Independence

Maybe your business has relied on other managed data center service providers throughout the years for server maintenance, uptime monitoring, upgrading and security patching. Your company was comfortable entrusting the day-to-day upkeep of your IT infrastructure to third-party technicians in a managed data center environment.

But there comes a time in the life of most growing companies when they realize outsourcing certain data center support services no longer makes sense—for their mission or for their balance sheet.

When that time comes for you, DFT provides your team with everything you need to assume and maintain confident control: space to accommodate your server equipment, variable power densities to meet your growing needs, advanced cooling measure, flexible arrangements for custom data center solutions, and stringent data center security and compliance accommodations,.

DFT is also a provider of carrier neutral solutions with 38 network carriers and Internet Exchanges onsite. If your choice of network carrier isn’t already available in one of our data centers, we can invite them in on your behalf.

There’s no need to continue paying for data center overhead or managed services you may not be using, especially when you have your own IT staff more than capable of keeping operations running smoothly. Take advantage of our customizable data center options and enjoy total autonomy over your company’s critical IT assets and infrastructure.