What You Need, When You Need It

Server storage capacity and computing power can make all the difference between success and missed opportunities. Cloud-based companies racing to develop and test new applications don’t always have the time or resources to design and build a new data center. Social networks anticipating a major surge in traffic and users ahead of big events need to quickly scale up their server capacity to meet demand.

Whether your business is planning for a temporary spike in server load or experiencing the fortune of consistent growth, DFT will help you manage strategic server additions while minimizing data center problems and reducing costly distractions.

The expansion of your IT infrastructure requirements can easily scatter your assets across multiple data centers, leaving you to wrestle with the new complexities of website performance, server security, cost and compliance. Rely on DFT to keep all of your applications and data secured in one location or across the nation; with added advantages of economies of scale, server capacity on demand, and the best protection in the industry to match the pace of your growth—however steady or sudden.

Start with a few server cabinets in a cage, move up to a full-size computer room, or take over an entire data center building. DFT supports cabinet power requirements ranging from three to 15+ kilowatts. When you need bigger, DFT gets better—offering just-in-time data center solutions with capacity for 2 million servers and 50,000+ cabinets. Our experienced team of data center experts design floor plans and scalable solutions to suit your business objectives. Meanwhile, your IT team remains free to focus on whatever comes next.