Consulting, Construction and Project ManagEment:
How Can We Help You?

DFT knows data centers inside and out. Put our expertise to work creating server and office space that’s truly customized to meet your business goals. We offer services to ensure you have a smooth move-in and countless others to help you get the most from every day you’re here.

Engineering, Design and Consulting Services:
  • Design and install electrical power distribution, branch circuitry and grounding within computer rooms
  • Design and install telecommunications cable tray systems and cable plant infrastructure within computer rooms
  • Design and install telecommunications outside plant
  • Generate client as-built documentation
  • Perform computation fluid dynamics study of computer room cooling
  • Conduct load and phase balancing study
  • Design and install high security cages (PCI, HIPAA, SOX, etc.)
  • Design and install security enhancements and upgrades
  • Review and analyze the impact of new computing hardware technologies and deployment methodologies
Construction and Project Management Services:

General Contracting and Project Management Services

  • Generate proposals
  • Coordinate subcontractor site access and daily activities
  • Generate project schedules
  • Chair weekly project status meetings and provide minutes
  • Generate and execute methods of procedures
  • Generate and execute commissioning scripts required for testing
  • Perform quality control for overall workmanship

Electrical Infrastructure

  • Procure and install computer room electrical power distribution and branch circuitry
  • Install PDUs, STSs, RPPs, sidecars and overhead power busways
  • Install branch circuit power whips
  • Install branch circuit monitoring
  • Install tap boxes and power cords
  • Install expanded and enhanced metering
  • Install UPS circuits in offices
  • Perform IR scanning

Telecommunications and Fiber Infrastructure

  • Install overhead conduits between telecommunications rooms and computer rooms
  • Install fiber between telecommunications rooms and computer rooms
  • Install Fiber Termination Panels (FTPs)
  • Perform fiber splicing
  • Perform optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR)/Power Meter Testing

Mechanical / Fire Protection Infrastructure

  • Monitor indoor air quality
  • Conduct Thermographic imaging
  • Administer air balancing
  • Implement containment solutions

Other Services and Sample Projects

  • Construct remote NOCs
  • Design and furnish office space
  • Design and fit-out lab/burn-in space
  • Assemble cabinets and telco racks
  • Clean offices, NOC and pods; including sub-floors, equipment cabinets and HEPA vacuums
  • Cut tile
  • Install biometric scanners and additional CCTV monitoring
  • Provide custom reporting (capacity usage, access control, etc.)
  • Offer specialized testing and instrumentation
  • Install noise abatement solutions for computer rooms, NOCs and offices
  • Conduct structural engineering analyses

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